What Is Containerized Maritime Energy Storage?

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(Summary description)Interested in finding solutions for energy storage on your ships? Learn about what we have to offer for containerized maritime energy storage.

What Is Containerized Maritime Energy Storage?

(Summary description)Interested in finding solutions for energy storage on your ships? Learn about what we have to offer for containerized maritime energy storage.

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-03
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There is a new trend taking over the maritime energy storage industry.


Some engines regularly require up to 200 kW of energy during their voyage.


A ship that has a greater power requirement naturally requires more fuel. Today, more and more emphasis is being placed on the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI).


There is a modern trend to simplify energy storage solutions amongst maritime companies. Containerized maritime energy storage solutions are just one of these revolutionary new alternatives.


In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about containerized energy storage. We will help you decide if it is right for your fleet.


When thinking about energy storage on ships, EEDI is key. The EEDI describes the efficiency of the ship from an external societal or environmental point of view.


Many maritime fleets want to reduce their EEDI or carbon footprint. They may look into simplified energy storage systems for this purpose.


Containerized energy storage integrates long-term sustainable battery power onto existing ships.

The entire system fits inside a standard 20-foot container which is then loaded onto the ship.


Universal Fit and Simplicity

Several companies supply these preassembled units. They typically include all-inclusive solutions that deliver quickly. This negates the need for complex insulation and ongoing maintenance.


This also helps to produce better fuel efficiency for your maritime fleet. It has less of an impact on the environment with lower emissions.


When you are loading a container onto your fleet, you have many options. You can use a portable solution on any type of ship. This includes container ships, offshore support vessels, local ferries and smaller vessels.


Overall, a container energy system brings simplicity. It can be complex to retrofit your fleet with the necessary equipment. This includes updated batteries, converters, transformers, controls, and cooling and auxiliary equipment.


It's much easier to update the ship by retrofitting its current energy system. You can update or replace it completely with a prefabricated box of equipment that has everything it needs.


Compatibility and Sustainability

Containers truly are a universal retrofitting solution. Companies that deliver containerized energy storage on ships continue to build integration options. As long as the ship can support the container, all other servicing can be performed on the exterior to improve safety.


Part of the goal of these systems is to encourage shipowners to make the transition towards sustainable power.


The technology inside these containers is mature and does not require continued updates over time. It has been tested in development time and time again so that it can be trusted out on the water.


Additionally, the preassembled system has universal compatibility with all major vessel energy subsystems.


What Comes in the Box?

The containerized energy solutions available on the market today offer comprehensive battery control. Everything that you need to operate your vessel safely is present in a 20-foot box.


A standard containerized energy storage system will include all of the batteries you need to power your ship. There also be power converters and other transformers.


There is an energy storage control system that can be serviced outside the unit entirely to keep workers safe.


The system also comes with automatic cooling and ventilation. This helps to protect against air or water damage at extreme temperatures.


Finally, the system will include enhanced fire detection to prevent any adverse events via smoke detectors.


How Does It Work?

The storage system operates on the principle of efficiency.


When energy demand is low, the system stores its energy. As soon as the demand increases, it will begin to deliver it back at a tapered rate. This helps to enhance the overall performance of the vessel power system significantly.


There is a dynamic storage control system that manages this outflow of energy use that has been updated over time for optimal power output.


The available power modes inside the container help to improve delivery metrics. Shipowners can increase reliability, fuel consumption, and overall safety over time.


Using a retrofitted solution allows for reduced energy peaks. When demand is at its highest, these machines have been shown to taper off the peak power requirements and need to start new engines. This of course translates into improved fuel consumption and long-term maintenance.


The system also helps to provide power to support ongoing active engines when they need more power urgently.


Finally, there is a spinning reserve of backup power to support active generators. This prevents any system shutdowns leading to better safety and optimal fuel efficiency.


Containerized Energy Storage with Van der Leun

Royal Van der Leunis an internationally recognized specialist in this space. We have a long history of developing these complex and efficient systems. We design a variety of containers depending on ship and customer needs.


We happily consult with customers to determine their specific needs. Once we have a sense of the problem you want to solve, we can develop or recommend a tailored solution.


We have specialized offerings for every maritime need. We've built off-shore containers, storage containers, break resistor containers, and more.


Solving Maritime Energy Problems

At the end of the day, you want to make sure your ships are supplied with the energy they need for the distance they travel regularly. Over time, energy delivery systems can wear and a refresh is often needed. A modern trend is to use containerized maritime energy storage systems to retrofit older ships.


At Royal Van der LeunElectrical, we understand the importance of such reliability. We provide innovative integration to all electrical systems in the marine sector. Please contact us today if you are interested in one of our containerized offerings.


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