A good beginning in 2021

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(Summary description)Let's find out what happened in Van der Leun for the first quarter.

A good beginning in 2021

(Summary description)Let's find out what happened in Van der Leun for the first quarter.

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-12
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Van der Leun had a good beginning to 2021. Let's find out what happened in the first quarter. 

A new office will be opening

Due to the extension of the electrical engineering markets in which Van der Leun is active, and the growth which is the direct result of this, a new office will be opening!
Can you tell where it is from the hint we gave in this release? Come and have a guess!

Electrical Installation for Heeren aan de Lek Restaurant 

Van der Leun has supplied and installed the entire electrical installation for the restaurant of Heeren aan de Lek, in Groot-Ammers which will be open soon. The installation consists of, among other things, the CCTV, security system and the lighting and controls.
Heeren aan de Lek, is part of the Heerengroep of which restaurants can also be found in Sliedrecht and Hendrik Ido Ambacht. This restaurant is located next to the ferry to Schoonhoven and offers a great ambiance. 

Renewed electrical system service and parts contract from Van Oord

For many years now, Van der Leun has been taking care of maintenance and modifications for a large part of the fleet of Van Oord. We are very pleased to announce this contract has been renewed for the coming years!
Thanks to the close cooperation between Van Oord and Van der Leun, the costs and downtime of the vessels are reduced. 
We couldn’t resist to share these beautiful images from Mark Stansfield of the MPI resolution, a vessel for installing offshore wind turbines, foundations and transition pieces, which will also be maintained by Van der Leun.

Van der Leun successfully installed and delivered the electrical installation for the Osprey Water Injection Dredge of IHC America

The dredger is being built at St Johns Shipbuilding in Palatka, Florida and will be operating in Wilmington, North Carolina.
The vessel will perform maintenance in the main seaports of Wilmington and Morehead City for maintaining the depths at all berths, wharves and turning basins year- round, which will maximize the vessel tonnage capabilities at these ports.
The WID is designed to be low in maintenance and ease of operation per NCSPA requirements.
Van der Leun supplied the following features:
• System integration
• Main Switchboard
• Distribution board
• Variable frequency convertor
• Engineering and project management
• Shore supply
• Wheelhouse desk / ECR console
• Emergency Stop system
• Fire detection system
• Battery chargers incl. batteries and battery boxes
• Commissioning
• Installation

Upgrade Pool Express and VOS Base from DP1 to DP2

Van der Leun upgraded the Pool Express and VOS BASE from Vroon last year. The PSV's were converted from DP1 to DP2, placed under class (Lloyds) and complied with the FMEA trials. This to keep both vessels deployed to the maximum.
DP stands for dynamic positioning. A system that automatically controls the position and course of a ship by making use of its own propellers, usually rudder propellers.


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